Samantha Lux

Samantha Lux is a transgender social media influencer and YouTube content creator who has amassed over 200,000 subscribers and 20 million channel views in the last few years. She uses her platform to promote social change, specifically aiming to reduce prejudice regarding the transgender community.  By using a combination of storytelling videos, educational content, surgery documentaries, and of course a little comedy, she is effectively winning over the hearts of people who may have never met a transgender person. In 2019, Samantha graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Political Science, and studied for years on the construction of gender and how we interpret media representation of marginalized groups.  She now actively manages her business SamanthaLux Productions, and frequently speaks at corporations, events, and non-profit organizations to educate the world on her story and the transgender community.

Connect with Samantha on YouTube, on Instagram @_samanthalux and on Twitter @_samanthalux.

Meet Samantha at the Friday night transFORMED fashion show, Saturday night red carpet cocktail hour, and see her speak at the Saturday night banquet.