First Event 2019 is the premier conference for transgender and gender non-conforming people and those who love and support them. First Event brings us all together into one large community while also providing targeted programming and dedicated spaces to help us connect with others who best understand our joys and struggles. Whether you are looking for a safe space to present in your identified gender, an opportunity to learn from medical professionals about options to transition, or just a friendly person to talk to who understands just what you are experiencing, First Event has something for you.  

First Event 2019 offers dedicated programming targeting:

  • Transmasculine & transfeminine
  • Trans people of color
  • Male-to-female crossdressers
  • Gender expansive/bi-gendered
  • Significant others
  • Youth & families

Do you have experience on any of these topics you’d like to share? Submit a workshop today!

Detailed workshop schedules will be posted in early January

A high-level view of the conference schedule is available on the schedule page.