Mary Hewey & Jen Bagley

Mary Hewey and Jen Bagley directed the exciting new transgender documentary Jack and YaYa, starring Jack Milligan and his best friend YaYa.

Jack and YaYa premiered in May at the Inside Out 19, the Toronto LGBT Film Festival. Point of View magazine described what makes the film unique:

A number of documentaries share transgender experiences by focusing on the surgery and physical transformation of a subject, but directors Mary Hewey and Jen Bagley add an important perspective to the mix with Jack and Yaya. The film looks at the role of family and friendship in transitions. The film follows Jack Milligan as he readies for gender-affirming surgery and it provides insight into the bureaucratic nightmare his long-time friend Yaya faces as she tries to change her name. All the while, the film focuses on the strength of their bond and the support of their families that helps them along the way.

Meet Mary and Jen at the Saturday Jack & YaYa screening.