Ashley Brundage

Ashley T Brundage is the Founder and President of Empowering Differences, a public speaking and education organization specializing in intersectional leadership and diversity. Ashley often shares her personal story of inclusion through leadership. She highlights how she fought through discrimination and harassment to rise above and find employment for a major US based bank beginning as a part time teller. Her journey includes moving through various financial roles over the next 5 years until being appointed as a Vice President with the National Diversity and Inclusion Office. Ashley overcame many obstacles in her inspiring journey and used her perseverance, leadership, and execution to continue to educate and make a difference. Ashley recently celebrated 17 years of marriage to Whitney and together they have two biological sons; Bryce, 14, and Blake, 12. Empowering Differences is the title of Ashley’s book due to release in 2020.

Connect with Ashley at and on Instagram @ashleytbrundage.

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