Quick Correction On Our Postcards Handed Out at TDOR Boston

Just a quick correction to postcards TCNE/First Event handed out at the Transgender Day of Remembrance in Boston.  On the cards we want to update the following:

First Event 2019 Post Card
FE19 Postcard
  •  Free AIDs Testing:  We had stated we are offering free AIDs testing to anyone who would like to participate. The postcards should have read, “We are offering free HIV/HCV/STI  testing to anyone who would like to participate”
  • Facebook Page for First Event:  We had listed the wrong address for our Facebook page for First Event.  The correct link is https://www.facebook.com/First.Event.Boston/

Our apologies if this caused any confusion.  If you have questions about these changes, or any questions at all, please email us info@firstevent.org or FB message us on our Facebook Page.

What’s new at First Event 2019?

Thanks for asking! There’s lots new at First Event 2019 as we build on our great successes over the past several decades and continue to expand our reach to support the broad transgender and gender non-conforming community.

Here are some of the new things we are most excited about:

  • New programming by and for transgender people of color.
  • Enhanced transmasculine programming.
  • The First Event Ball, presented by New England Mother Legendary Athena West, 11pm-2am Saturday night. This is NOT to be missed. Want to know what to expect? Check out Athena’s World Aids Ball or watch the new FX show Pose. Even better – attend Athena’s Ball December 1st in Roxbury, sponsored by TCNE/First Event. 
  • A transgender wellness track on Saturday, with free HIV/HCV/STI testing and a full day of workshops dedicated to our physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • Sunday workshops and vendors. Our conference is just getting too big to wrap up Sunday morning, so we have extended more programming into Sunday. 

We are always tweaking existing programming to better serve you and to make room for all of the great new stuff. Some key changes this year:

  • Youth and family track is moved to Sunday. In addition to the dedicated day on Sunday, youth and families are encouraged to attend workshops and events throughout the conference.
  • More mingling at the fashion show. The fashion show isn’t just about our models – it’s a chance for all of us to see and be seen. We’ve switched to a social dinner reception format to allow us to eat and mingle together.

What do you think? Let us know with a comment below.

First Event Facebook Page Now Open and Replaces the First Event Facebook Group

If you joined our Facebook Group and find that it has closed please don’t panic! We’ve just moved the First Event Facebook Group over to a First Event Facebook Page.  We’re sorry for any confusion on this, but here’s a handy chart showing the differences between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group:

Facebook PageFacebook Group
Facebook Pages enable public figures, businesses, organizations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on FacebookFacebook Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity
Always PublicCategorized into 1) Open 2) Closed and 3) Private / Secret
Facebook Pages support applications.  We can customize the page as we like with addable applications. We can add more tabs and other features with the help of external applications.Facebook Group does not support a customizable application feature.
A Facebook page allows First Event to have a more descriptive URLA Facebook Group does not allow for a descriptive URL

So the page is better option for us at First Event. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and we invite you to join the First Event FB Page now here: https://www.facebook.com/First.Event.Boston/

Only 148 Days Until First Event! Volunteer with the team at Rosie’s Place on September 15th

At the time of this article writing, there are only 148 days until First Event 2019.  So while you are waiting for First Event, why not volunteer to help others?  The TCNE and First Event Teams are having another Volunteering and Visibility day on September 15th @Rosie’s Place in Boston.

The event is Saturday, September 15 at 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM, Rosie’s Place 889 Harrison Ave Boston, MA 0211 and we’ll be volunteering to cook, serve and clean up a meal for 75-150 women and children in Rosie’s dining room.  This is a great opportunity to give back.  To learn more and to sign up to join us, click over to the TCNE (Tran Club of New England) website at this link:  Volunteering and Visibility Day at Rosie’s Place.

First Event Releases New Logo!

First Event, TCNE’s annual Transgender conference has a new logo! The new look is below. First Event is one of the longest running conferences in the U.S. for transgender and gender non-conforming people and those who love and support them. The event is being held January 30, 2019. You can stay in touch with all the updates 4 ways!

First Event Transgender Conference

First Event Call for Volunteers

First Event Transgender Conference, Marlborough MA, January 30 2019

First Event, one of the largest educational and outreach events for the transgender community, is the key event that TCNE sponsors in any given year. The TCNE and First Event organizing team is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive organization and conference for all trans and gender non-binary communities while maintaining the same great content and social events that you’ve come to enjoy and expect.

BUT … It takes alot of dedicated and devoted people to host the premier transgender conference.

If you have the ability to give even a few hours of your time we are actively securing volunteers for the 2019 conference.

Many positions are being sought including security, room monitors and help with Tiffanys Closet, an amazing 2nd hand clothing boutique right at First Event!

To keep up to date with all the new stuff at First Event 2019